3 BRUTAL Reasons To Have Your Ductwork Cleaned – Part #3

Reason #3

The “Mushroom Theory” and “Mutant Rabbits”

The mushroom theory usually compares the “essentials of mushroom growing” with how politicians treat you. Everyone knows that the best place to grow any type of mold, fungus, or bacteria is in a dark moist environment where it can feed on decaying organic matter. Amazingly, this is also pretty descriptive of the conditions inside ductwork located in a damp basement or crawl space. In most cases, unclean ductwork is a perfect place to start a little fungus farm.

round duct

Not only will dirty ductwork act as a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and mold, it also acts as a gathering place for everything else that enters a home. Things like pesticides, lead, chemicals, and other such unhealthy particles. These unwanted substances enter the house through open windows, or are tracked in, and upon entering, bind with household dust. Unfortunately, once in the house and sucked into your ducts, nature has no way of dealing with these potential health time bombs. In fact, the pollution that gets trapped in your home today is 5 times that of outdoor levels. You need to picture all those soft, fluffy, little dust bunnies living in your ducts as having large claws and nasty teeth. Teeth that can really take a bite out of your family’s health if you don’t deal with them!

dust bunny

Can duct cleaning really solve all these problems? … To be continued ..


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