3 BRUTAL Reasons To Have Your Ductwork Cleaned – Part #2

Reason #2

Maybe you just thought the cat ran away ….

This sounds extreme but you wouldn’t believe what we find in ductwork. I can’t say we’ve found anything as large as a cat, but we have seen everything else imaginable. Everything from long forgotten victims of De-Con to lost pet turtles that now only resemble small ashtrays.


You see, even though you’re the best housekeeper in the world, what about the person who lived in the house before you? Unless it’s a new house, you don’t know what stuff remains in the ductwork from previous owners. Stuff that depends entirely on what their hygiene, housecleaning, and smoking habits were (not to mention how they took care of their pets). In most cases it’s probably better that you don’t know.

You can be certain that if your furnace ductwork isn’t clean, you’re breathing air that passes through the accumulated dust and crud from everyone (and everything) that has ever lived there. I hope this unpleasant picture doesn’t make you swear off breathing completely – remember its still safe to exhale.

All is not lost though – This debris will be totally removed when you have your system cleaned!


Part #3 Coming Soon!


About bfpowervac

We are an independently owned local company that has been servicing the quad cities for the last 40 years. Serving the Residential, Commercial and Industrial cleaning needs of this local community.

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