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You Deserve The Best.

It seems everything is going up in price these days. Gas is over $3 a gallon and milk is on its way. With the rise in costs one would expect a rise in quality too but that is not always the case. At B&F Power Vac we strive to put our customers first and offer the best and most thorough cleaning possible. That is one of the reasons our technicians use the Dyna Probe system. The Dyna Probe is the highest technology available to clean duct work.

complete dyna probe


The whole system is powered by compressed air and cleans every nook and cranny of your duct work. There is a miniature pneumatic motor that spins the brush while the air whip agitates loose any stubborn contaminates. Leaving your duct work looking like new and removing all the pet hair, dander, skin cells, and dust that if left behind can clog up your HVAC system.


You deserve the best so why not choose an air duct cleaning company that can provide the best. B&F Power Vac cares about your air.