3 BRUTAL Reasons To Have Your Ductwork Cleaned – Part #3

Reason #3

The “Mushroom Theory” and “Mutant Rabbits”

The mushroom theory usually compares the “essentials of mushroom growing” with how politicians treat you. Everyone knows that the best place to grow any type of mold, fungus, or bacteria is in a dark moist environment where it can feed on decaying organic matter. Amazingly, this is also pretty descriptive of the conditions inside ductwork located in a damp basement or crawl space. In most cases, unclean ductwork is a perfect place to start a little fungus farm.

round duct

Not only will dirty ductwork act as a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and mold, it also acts as a gathering place for everything else that enters a home. Things like pesticides, lead, chemicals, and other such unhealthy particles. These unwanted substances enter the house through open windows, or are tracked in, and upon entering, bind with household dust. Unfortunately, once in the house and sucked into your ducts, nature has no way of dealing with these potential health time bombs. In fact, the pollution that gets trapped in your home today is 5 times that of outdoor levels. You need to picture all those soft, fluffy, little dust bunnies living in your ducts as having large claws and nasty teeth. Teeth that can really take a bite out of your family’s health if you don’t deal with them!

dust bunny

Can duct cleaning really solve all these problems? … To be continued ..


3 BRUTAL Reasons To Have Your Ductwork Cleaned – Part #2

Reason #2

Maybe you just thought the cat ran away ….

This sounds extreme but you wouldn’t believe what we find in ductwork. I can’t say we’ve found anything as large as a cat, but we have seen everything else imaginable. Everything from long forgotten victims of De-Con to lost pet turtles that now only resemble small ashtrays.


You see, even though you’re the best housekeeper in the world, what about the person who lived in the house before you? Unless it’s a new house, you don’t know what stuff remains in the ductwork from previous owners. Stuff that depends entirely on what their hygiene, housecleaning, and smoking habits were (not to mention how they took care of their pets). In most cases it’s probably better that you don’t know.

You can be certain that if your furnace ductwork isn’t clean, you’re breathing air that passes through the accumulated dust and crud from everyone (and everything) that has ever lived there. I hope this unpleasant picture doesn’t make you swear off breathing completely – remember its still safe to exhale.

All is not lost though – This debris will be totally removed when you have your system cleaned!


Part #3 Coming Soon!

3 BRUTAL Reasons To Have Your Ductwork Cleaned – Part #1

Warning: The following reasons for getting your ductwork cleaned are not for the squeamish or faint of heart.

Reason #1

Picture yourself taking deep breaths from you vacuum cleaner’s bag just before you empty it!

Dirty Vacuum

As awful as this sounds it gives you an accurate picture of what the air you breathe is like after it passes through all the crud and decaying material in your furnace’s ductwork. 

That’s because your ductwork is a lot like your vacuum cleaner. And if you think about it, the main difference is that your vacuum only runs for a few minutes each day compared to the hours on end your furnace fan runs. Every time your furnace runs more and more things are sucked into your ductwork. Things like dust, pet hair, cooking grease, cigarette smoke, and other debris that will stay in your ductwork – until they eventually break down and are released back into the air stream for you and your family to breathe.

Anyone who has ever cleaned behind their refrigerator knows just how much gunk a fan will collect. So if you want to know what lurks in the depths of your ductwork just look in your vacuum cleaner and see what you are breathing. This alone is reason to get your ducts emptied.

Dirty Filter


Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3

Why you should clean your dryer vent.

Dryer vent fires can be avoided with an annual cleaning. That is a small price to pay for peace of mind and reducing the risk that this could happen to you. Please do not have the “this won’t happen to me” mindset when it comes to your safety and the safety of your family.

Not only is a dryer vent cleaning a great way to prevent this from happening, but it could also reduce your energy consumption costs because your dryer will be running much more efficiently.

Call us and schedule today!

Customer Service Is #1

At B&F Power Vac we know how important customer service is. It is even more important to us businesses in these smaller communities. Word of mouth is the least expensive and best advertising any company could ask for. That is why we stress with our technicians the importance of taking care of you, our customer, to ensure that your needs are met.

Since most of the scheduling is done over the phone for our residential customers, the first visual impression you get is of our cleaning technicians. What’s the old saying? First impressions are lasting impressions. That is why it is important to us that our employees look and act professional. We want our image to match our cleaning and our cleaning to match our image. That is why these 4 steps of super customer service are what we try to strive for.

1.  The very first thing we want to do is introduce ourselves to you. You are going to have strangers working in your home for sometimes as long as 3 hours and we want you to feel comfortable with us being in your house. The quicker you get to know our technicians the better you will feel.

2. After introductions are made we will take you on a “walk through” During this time we will explain the process we are going to use to clean your system. This lets you understand what exactly it is we are doing, where we will be hooking up and what tools we are going to be using to assure that you get the best cleaning possible.

3.  After the “walk through” we begin the process of cleaning your duct system. Feel free to ask any questions that you have. We will try to explain the process as we go so that you have a better understanding of what it is we are doing. Our technicians will be glad to show you the inside of your duct work so you can see how dirty your system is. If you want to follow us throughout the entire process feel free to do so. We can show you how all of our tools work and what we are using them for as we go.

4. After the cleaning is done we will show you the inside of your duct work again. This way you can compare it to how dirty it was before. We also will turn your system back on and test it before we leave. This assures both us and you that everything is working normal and there are no issues.

Our company thrives off of repeat customers. If you aren’t happy then we aren’t happy. We want to keep you as a customer and clean your system for years to come. That is why we put you first.

Indoor Air Pollution?….

When you hear the words air pollution the first thing that usually comes to mind is some giant corporation continuously belching black clouds into the sky. Or maybe its that jacked up diesel truck next to you at the stop light that burns twice as much fuel as it needs when it accelerates and smokes you out. Whatever the image is that pops into your head it is probably not a picture of your furnace and duct system cycling dust, pet hair, dead skin cells, pollen, bacteria, and fungi throughout your house. But recent studies have shown that most times the level of pollution is often 10 times higher indoors than it is outdoors. Since a majority of your time is spent indoors shouldn’t cleaning up the air you breathe be a priority?

Just what exactly could be in your home?

You could have pounds of dust, animal hair and debris hidden away in your ceiling, underneath your floor, and inside your walls. 80% of the dust in your home is made up of dead skin cells and dander. Sounds pretty appetizing right? All of those contaminants constantly cycle through your homes HVAC system. Combine that with the moist environment that encompasses your ventilation system and soon bacteria, mold, and fungi begins to grow. This kind of buildup can cause your system to not run as efficiently costing you more money per year on your heating and cooling bill. In a report published by the U.S. EPA they ranked indoor air pollution as the highest risk to our health among all environmental problems.

So I should get my system cleaned then right?

Precisely! At B&F Power Vac we use source removal techniques that put your whole ventilation system under negative pressure. Using a high powered vacuum system we can successfully remove the debris in your home’s air duct system. With our specialized air duct cleaning tools we clean not only the registers, furnace components, and evaporator coils, but also the duct work that runs the entire length of your house. It is essentially a cleaning of the entire lung system of your home. Wouldn’t you rather be breathing clean air? Give us a call today and schedule your cleaning! We also offer free estimates in the Lewiston Clarkston Valley.

You Deserve The Best.

It seems everything is going up in price these days. Gas is over $3 a gallon and milk is on its way. With the rise in costs one would expect a rise in quality too but that is not always the case. At B&F Power Vac we strive to put our customers first and offer the best and most thorough cleaning possible. That is one of the reasons our technicians use the Dyna Probe system. The Dyna Probe is the highest technology available to clean duct work.

complete dyna probe


The whole system is powered by compressed air and cleans every nook and cranny of your duct work. There is a miniature pneumatic motor that spins the brush while the air whip agitates loose any stubborn contaminates. Leaving your duct work looking like new and removing all the pet hair, dander, skin cells, and dust that if left behind can clog up your HVAC system.


You deserve the best so why not choose an air duct cleaning company that can provide the best. B&F Power Vac cares about your air.

How to choose an air duct cleaning company.

A step by step guide to help you choose the right air duct cleaning company.


In today’s well-sealed homes when particles, pollutions, chemicals, and mold spores get in they have trouble getting out. Be sure to keep your heating systems clean and well-maintained so your in-door air isn’t worse than the air outside!


How many years has the company been in the business? You don’t want a fly by night business touching your expensive HVAC equipment. Ask for their proof of licensing and bonding and liability insurance. Do they have contractor/public works licensing? Do they have local references? ask neighbors or co-workers about them.


Is the company certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) which has strict standards relating to training, equipment, cleaning procedures, and ethical behavior? Do they have experienced technicians that have earned the prestigious ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialists) designation, as well as CVI (Certified Ventilation Inspector) VSMR (Ventilation System Mold Remediator) duct cleaning certifications? Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? If so, what is their rating? What is their Dun and Bradstreet rating?


Has this company provided you a competitive price? Beware of the $99 whole house special sales gimmick.

Is this a sideline service for them?

Beware of the low duct cleaning pricing if their real business is selling equipment and furnace parts. Make you sure have a bid from another heating dealer before letting yourself fall into this sales gimmick. Have a complete list of all major components of your HVAC system you want cleaned before the cleaning begins.


Job safety should be a top priority, this means they employ the best practices for safety at all job sites. Ask the company for their safety ratings. Do they use environmentally friendly non-toxic air purification products?

Quality Control

Ask about their QC policies. Have they done customer surveys on every residential jobsite? To assure quality control, larger projects need completely reports for the facility or project manager.

Do Your Research

Get your money’s worth. Check references. Businesses come and go, so ask how long has the company been in business?